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Multipurpose Natural Zinc paste.

SunSessions organic zinc paste is a healthy all skin type alternative skin care product. It contains a rich blend of natural oils and non nano zinc oxide that will form a thick layer to protect your skin from the outdoor elements and also promote healing and soothing of rashes and pimple prone skin. The nutrient rich, antioxidant raw oils will nourish, hydrate and repair cracked lips, small cuts and stings and small skin wounds. Natural zero waste product.

SunSessions Natural Zinc 42g | 1.5oz

  • SunSessions should be applied at least 15 minutes prior to outdoor activity, be it swimming, running, sailing or surfing, and reapplied after 2-3 hours if necessary.

    Apply a generous amount to face, lips even shoulders.

    Great for all skin types.


    The thicker the layer, the higher the protection from windburn, cold burn etc. Also soothes light skin wounds, small insect bites (those red ant bites or jellyfish stings) great for acne and chapped or cracked lips. 


    Remove with organic cold pressed jojoba oil/coconut oil or a compostable wipe.


    Reef safe - Bio-degradable - Water resistant

    Tested on surfers, Not animals - No fragrances

    No parabens - No alcohols - No silicons

  • Non nano zinc oxide, *Cacao fruit powder, Beeswax - *Cacao seed butter, *Olive oil, *Jojoba oil, *Coconut oil.


    *Certified organic & cold pressed

    Store in a cool environment when not using

    Certified and Licensed by the Israel Health Ministry

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