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Sunsessions Natural Zinc


Our story is simple. We are a surf family of 4, mom, dad, girl, boy. We travel the world to surf. Over the years we've exposed ourselves to all the harsh outdoor elements - wind, sun, cold, heat and thus endured Mother Natures forces. We understood that in order to be active outdoors we needed a clean, effective and resilient product that would safeguard our exposed skin from sunburn, windburn, frostbite, dryness BUT also soothe, hydrate and replenish:

1 product that would serve us as an all in 1


In our small country we experience all seasons and all weather types, from skiing up in the northern mountains, to surfing, sailing, windsurfing or swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, or cycling, running and trekking our barren deserts. We did our research, we contacted our local resources, farmers, chemists, environmentalists, and even vegans.

Our goal was to produce a physical mineral UVB/UVA skin barrier made to stick on our exposed skin for long hours outdoors while enjoying our sporty lifestyle. 

Our conscious is finally clear. We crafted a skin protector using ethically traded, local and wholesome ingredients that we would use, our kids would use and be proud to have our friends use.


We now would like to share our SunSessions natural zinc paste with you!

DISCOVER OUR ingredients

We have used only the finest plant based organic and natural ingredients because we truly believe that Mother Natures does provide the most effective skin care solutions.

have any questions?

Our belief is that Mother Nature has all the answers...



Sail Boats
was crafted
for the seasons

You may think your skin is safe from the elements once swimsuit season is over and the air cools down but that's not the case. Most people know that the sun can still harm your skin in the winter, but there is another environmental factor to watch out for, that is the wind…


Your skin has an outer layer of molecules called lipids: these keep your skin hydrated and protected from the sun, cold, and wind. When the air is cold, your skin contains less moisture and as a result the elements can break down those lipids and harm your skin more easily. The combination of wind friction on an exposed area of the skin and ultraviolet exposure which occurs even on cloudy days - can cause redness and skin irritation commonly known as WINDBURN.

Windburn is especially common among people involved in winter sports such as skiing, skating and sailing. The increased movement and possible glare from the sun cause more wind friction and sun exposure which can lead to very uncomfortable chafing. A windburn may feel like a sunburn and because sunburns are still possible in winter the two irritations may coincide. 

Be prepared for the winter seasons with our SunSessions Natural Zinc Paste and Lip Butter 

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