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At SunSessions we asked ourselves the true question: If we invested in the best natural ingredients to craft our zinc paste, would the customer care? 

Well, to our delight today's health conscious customer seeks out the best possible product on the market based on their principles. Our customers are mindful to the environment, animals and resources. 

Mineral Sunscreen



Zinc Oxide (non-nano, non-coated)

Zinc and zinc compounds play an important role in human health. Zinc deficiency can manifest itself in many ways including growth retardation, decreased immune function, skin disturbances, gastrointestinal dysfunction and various blood disorders.


Zinc oxide has been used as a derma to therapeutic agent for hundreds of years, first as a component of calamine and then on its own in various preparations. Zinc containing compounds are a great benefit to humans. Some zinc containing compounds are well known antimicrobials. Zinc Oxide is also very beneficial as a sunscreen or sun barrier. Zinc oxide today is widely used as a topical therapeutic medication. It may well be the most commonly used topically applied drug of all time.

Zinc Oxide as a sunscreen:

The solar spectrum is divided into various wavelengths which are measured in nanometers. Our  interest is in ultraviolet Radiation or UVR, which is credited with the most biologically significant consequence of sunexposed conditions like sunburn and skin cancer.

UVR is divided into UVC /UVB /UVA

UVC – very toxic (carcinogenic) however virtually all filtered out by the ozone layer.

UVB – makes about 18% of the solar UV spectrum – the immediate sunburn.

UVA – makes about 75% of the solar UV spectrum – this is photaging (skin ageing, yellowing of the skin, loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, and melanoma).

NonNano Zinc Oxide this inorganic mineral is NOT absorbed by the skin. (nano zinc oxide is absorbed due to its nano particles)  Because of its  Non Nano state, this zinc oxide should not cause any adverse reactions to the skin such as allergies or irritation.

Mineral Sunscreen

We have used only the finest plant based organic and natural ingredients because we truly believe that Mother Natures does provide the most effective skin care solutions.

Our organic based zinc paste is our healthy alternative skin care product. 

  • environmentally clean – totally biodegradable

  • ocean & coral reef safe

  • people safe

  • extra water resistant and stays on for a few good hours

  • sweat resistant - does not leak down your face

  • great for all skin types,  sensitive skin and non irritable


Our zinc nourishes your skin while shielding you from the outdoor elements again we are a healthy alternative in a world of chemical based skin care products (that hopefully will go away!) the concentrated goodness every day.

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Our belief is that it is possible to provide a natural, safe, effective, affordable and sustainable product.
Join the healthy living revolution!
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