Our belief is that Mother Nature has all the answers...
What is a Natural product?

The Natural Standard for Personal Care Products is based on natural ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability.

  • Natural Ingredients: A product labeled "natural" should be made up of only, or at least almost only, natural ingredients and be manufactured with appropriate processes to maintain ingredient purity.​

  • Safety: A product labeled "natural" should avoid any ingredient with a suspected human health risk.

  • Responsibility: A product labeled "natural" should use no animal testing in its development.

  • Sustainability: A product labeled "natural" should use bio-based ingredients and the most environmentally sensitive packaging.


SunSessions natural zinc we use for...

SunSessions Natural Zinc paste is used as a facial and lip protector for your daily active lifestyle. Be it hiking in windy high altitudes, skiing in frosty cold temperatures, surfing or sailing in intense sun, or just running your usual 10km route SunSessions natural zinc paste will protect your skin from all outdoor elements while keeping it hydrated and replenished….

SunSessions natural zinc ingredients...

Transparency is the key word in today’s world of creative marketing. Show us first

ALL your ingredients then we can decide if we are impressed by the rest.

Simple – Clean – Natural – Organic – Less is more.
Our full list of ingredients approved and licensed by the Israel

Health Ministry Authority.


  • non nano zinc oxide ( according to the FDA and European Standard Zinc Oxide is the safest active ingredient for mineral skin protective paste, the safest form we use is non-nano and uncoated)

  • organic raw cacao powder

  • organic cacao butter

  • organic locally harvested jojoba oil

  • organic locally harvested olive oil

  • organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil

  • natural non-synthetic beeswax

SunSessions natural zinc lasts for how long?

Our preference is to prepare small batches on a monthly basis in our boutique size factory. Our ingredients are purchased in small quantities to avoid rancidity and of course waste. 

Our boutique factory is under the close supervision of the Israel Health Ministry Authority. And of course we are approved and certified by this Authority.

All our tins are quality controlled, our expiration date is 1 year from opening.

We also take back any unopened stock beyond the 1 year expiry date.

We prefer small and fresh shipments.

  • Our 50gr | 1.8oz tin can last a few months again depending on your sport and how often you are active.                                                                                

  • Our 20gr | 0.7oz tin makes a great gift. They were a hit with the kids at our surf camps, they loved the fun size tins and parents loved the value for size!

SunSessions natural zinc size, quantity, and usage...

We had a few choices when we finally selected our tin container based

on these advantages.

  • Recyclable, re-usable

  • No PLASTIC tube – how could we even consider it! Our ocean and marine life are suffocating and dying from plastic waste, we cannot add to this environmental disaster

  • 50gr | 1.8oz – Perfect carry on weight, to leave in your car, to share with your friends!

  • 20gr | 0.7oz – Ideal to place in your board short pocket, ski jacket pocket, windsurf harness or a number of other small useful places while out there

  • The tin allows you to dig in and take out the amount you need with your fingers. 

  • The tin wont spill open like those plastic tubes 

So how long does it stay on? 

We say if you can see it then its working. People do have a tendency to wipe their faces from sweat or saltwater so just re-apply if necessary. We do suggest however if you plan on being out in the water for several hours, do apply a generous layer on your face and lips.


Removing our paste is up to you!!
Why  – because of the super antioxidant oils, raw cacao powder and the healing effects of the non nano zinc oxide, our paste acts like an amazing facial mask treatment. In addition to the protective properties this “skin food” mask nourishes, hydrates and replenishes your skin during and after your outdoor activity.

In any case remove with any organic cold pressed oil like our jojoba oil or coconut oil.

A compostable organic wipe works just as well.

why does the zinc harden in the cold?

Well we know that organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, pure cacao butter and natural beeswax all harden at cold temperatures – this is how we know they are pure!

So no need to worry, open your tin, dig in a little and move the zinc in circular motion for 30 seconds this will soften up the paste and ready for smooth application.

Just a small effort for the worthwhile effect.

Like all truly natural products or fresh ingredients storage is simple – keep at room temperature or in a cool environment when not in use. 

For further information on the healthy living revolution check out our recommended websites:

www.ewg.org – this amazing data base informs us about living healthier in a healthier environment. Consumer database.